Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Update day....again

Well, I have heard lots of rumors but we will see how today goes.  There was a family who was recentlyin Ethiopia and talked to Dr. Tsegaye who runs the program there and he had said they have everything set up to travel group 90 and 91 is almost done.  Hmmm...she was in group 85 or 86 and 87 has been assigned.  Maybe this means we will be lucky and get to hear something this week?  I hope so....

In the meantime....here is a short video that we are sending with another family for Matiyos to watch.  Sky is a bit goofy, but what else is new?

Video not working....will try it later

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


No news on court yet....I did hear from someone who had a second court date last week that hers had been cancelled until mid-January along with some other cases.  Hopefully this does not mean ours is one of them, but who knows.

Today I am putting my adoption thoughts out of my mind.  Today is a day for other memories.  Today is 15 years.  Today is the worst day of every year.  Sometimes I don't remember today until tomorrow, sometimes it is later in the day that I remember but today I remembered first thing.  Every moment, every second, every action....I remember today as the day that changed everything forever.    I know if today had not happened, I would not have been blessed with my babies and I would not have known David and I WOULD NOT give any of that back.  But today I always wonder what if.... I still remember today like it was yesterday....

Monday, December 21, 2009

Kind of, sort of update...

Well, more people passed court on Wednesday last week, but I think it was only a couple.....odd.  We have not passed court...I think I make that pretty clear in every post that we are still waiting.

I am hoping we will hear something this week....what a wonderful Christmas present that will be!  That is pretty much all I have for an update...We did have alot of snow this weekend....21 inches in 24 hours.  Kids loved it....Jace and Sky were only outside for about a 1/2 hour so we were all in the house for a day.  I think we did a pretty good job at occupying them so that is nice.  Got some cleaning done and some rearranging for the donations to go to Ethiopia....still need to get more but we are working on it!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nope, not yet...

7 more families passed court today....that puts us, roughly 9th in line because I know of 2 families who did not pass court this round so that will take a few weeks at least to work out.  9th in line.....want to know the problem with that?  Each Embassy appointment is only for about 10 kids....sometimes 12.  Basically, it could take 1 person adopting siblings and we would be bumped to the next group.  Don't get me wrong, I want everyone to go...but I want to go too!  Yea, I whined.....
I want to be able to be home more with the kids....that way certain people can't call me a bad mother for trying to fund a trip around the world and save money to pay my bills while I am off work.  Ahhh, if only people could work as a team instead of trying to spell it with an 'I'.
More than anything, I just want to know....I don't need to know the date that we are leaving yet, although I am sure that will soon be my next complaint, but I want to know that leaving is imminent so I can tell my kids and we can get ready for our journey as a family no matter what the dynamics are.
It has only been since April since I started all the paperwork and even though that seems like a short amount of time....I did this once before.  Went through almost all of the paperwork and then became pregnant with Skylar.  It wears a person down doing all of this.  Trying to get in order all the things I have to buy....not to mention having to keep track of people "borrowing" from the 1/2 packed suitcase I already have.  Delaney tries to help but it's not like I can send her out to the store and say "buy some laxatives in case we need them over there"  She is good at checking off the list though but there is still so much to buy which isn't easy when your also saving for airline tickets.
In alot of ways I feel like I am totally alone in this....just waiting....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yea, still waiting....

I haven't posted in awhile....probably because there is NOTHING to report.  I did talk to my SW yesterday and they expect to hear something soon but she doesn't know if we will hear anything yet.  Travel will probably be late January or early February.  I don't care when, I just want a date!
So that is all on that topic....just waiting and waiting and waiting.

Funny Jace story.....We have 2 new kittens and one of them, Midnight, is Jace's favorite.  He likes to put him in his new "home" whatever that may be at the time...like the cat carrier, his desk drawer...anywhere he will fit.  I was home with him last week helping him and I heard the cat meow.  I said, "Jace, where is your kitty?" and he said he was "in his new home."  I asked him where, expecting to hear the drawer, bathroom something cute and he innocently said, "The refrigerator".  OMG, sure enough, I ran to the kitchen and opened the door and he was sitting next to the milk.  Hysterically funny!!!

Had Delaney's winter concert last night...I can't believe she will be in High School next year!! 

Sky is, well, she is going through the same stuff Jace did so basically one minute you love her and the next minute you wonder if she was switched with someone else at birth!

This weekend is more Christmas shopping...my brother and his wife moved out here last weekend which I am really happy about!  It will be nice to have more adults around to talk to...or any!