Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finally an update....

Well, I have been back for a few days but figured it was time for an update with more detail and I think I finally have the time.  Let me go back to the beginning of the trip......
Friday-Saturday 29th-30th-  The flight over was long but pretty uneventful.  I was impressed flying from light into dark and then back into light.  At the airport we met Simone and her son Jacob and Barbara and her friend JoAnne and once we got there we got through everything pretty quickly and met up with the other families.  Delaney earned her keep pretty quickly by finding Barbara's missing bag which was a good thing considering we saw the large cage that held all missing luggage.
There are 2 guest houses in Addis Ababa, one with the infants and one with the older kids.  We pulled up to the older kid house and Jen and Dan were supposed to stay there but since they had an infant, I switched with them.  Mulat took us in and we unpacked a was about 11:30ish.  I had asked him what we should do and he said go see your child!  Lunch would be at 1 so we had some time.  Delaney and I walked out and we asked one of the nannys and they sent him out.  He was shy, smiling and started checking his bag that we brought him with the cars and books and bakugans.  Before I knew it, it was time for him to eat and nap.  We had the guard walk us over to the other house for our lunch.  The neighborhood isn't the greatest so we are not allowed to walk anywhere without an escort.
After his nap time, we went and played with him until around 6:30 which is dinner and then bed time.  It was a little slow connecting but didn't take long and we were running around, he was checking things out and kicking the ball....which he loves!
Most of the week went about the same because the kids have very set hours with eating and sleeping.  In between those times we played alot of ball, colored and learned about each other.  One thing we learned is that Matiyos knew his ABC's and 123's and could also write them and write in Amharic.
Monday was a special day...Matiyos got dressed in his new clothes and shoes (a little small!) and we went to the Embassy for the interview to get his visa.  It was a long ride over, mainly because there was an African Conference that had alot of roads closed.  Out of our group, we were the 5th called to the window and the interview took about 5 minutes or less and we were told the Visas would be available on Wednesday.
After everything the bus took us back and we dropped off the kids and had lunch.  After lunch we went to the mall and shopped there and then to the market where we could bargain our prices.  We picked up alot of things there as gifts and after the market, we went to a coffee house....they roasted the beans there!  The smell was amazing!  After that we stopped at a bookstore and I picked up some books for Matiyos to use at home and help with english.
Tuesday and Wednesday I went on the birth family visit.  It was a long drive with 2.5 hours being on a dirt road that was pretty bumpy!  The visit itself I will refrain from talking about.  In a way, I am still processing it and it is pretty private which I am sure people understand.
Matiyos was very excited to see me when I came back which was nice because it also means that he is attaching.  At this point, I had found out that people had been sick after the authentic dinner we had on Monday (forgot to mention but it was GREAT!)  Turns out it was a 24 hour bug and it hit me around Thursday night.  I slept ALOT but was mostly just nauseated.
Friday, about 2 hours before we left, the airline called to cancel our flight for 24 hours.  This was also just as some of us were talking about what American food we wanted when we got back!  Saturday night we did make it to the airport and they delayed another hour but finally we got on our way.  The flight was good, we all slept the first 6 hours which was nice and then napped during the second 10 hour leg.  We landed to 30+ inches of snow from a noreaster that made its way through.  Got there about 9:30, had a crab-ass customs guy, waited an hour for luggage which I don't get because the airport was essentially closed.  It actually took less time to get through immigration!
As soon as we got out, I went to starbucks...mmmmmm....starbucks.  I then promptly spilled in in the car....OY.  Took a couple hours longer to get home because of the roads, we stopped at McDonalds which was nice and Matiyos had  a cheesburger.
Got home to Mom, Tom and Kim and my Girl Scout sign hanging on the door that the girls had made for him which was really nice! And a birthday cake for me so it was a good birthday!

Adjusting has been good, yesterday was the dentist and doctor and he did great.  Had to have blood and xrays done and start immunizations.  He got 3 and today he is a little sick.  We are waiting to see how he does because another blizzard is outside with probably 10 inches it isn't like we can take him to the doctor!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

At a hotel......

We came to the hotel to use the internet and find out about our flights.  I am supposed to be leaving on Friday but there is some major snow supposed to happen in Maryland.

Got back today from the birth family visit.  I have decided that once I return I am going to do one long message about the entire trip because there is alot to write.  But I will say that it was life changing, heart breaking and amazing all at once.  The family meeting was not what I expected but I still don't know what I did expect.

Off to find out about flights!  Wish us luck!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

We are here!

So we are here in Ethiopia....Matiyos is awesome and SO smart! He

knows his ABC's and 123's and can write them as well. The internet

here is dial up and really slow!. We tried to

go to the Hilton today but roads were closed due to the African


Matiyos loves hugs! He is very happy and has 2 of his adult teeth

already! We have spent the last few days playing in between meals and

napping. Our room is in the same building as his so that is nice


Delaney spent today playing with the babies when we were not with

Matiyos. She told me some day she wants to adopt a baby....that was

sweet! I definitely want to come back here!

I had more to write but I lost my old message so I will go with this

for now. Just wanted to let everyone know that everything is great

here and I will try to update more later. Tomorrow is court and

Tuesday and Wednesday we will be going to Sidama to meet his family.
That was all from yesterday....never got it is Embassy day, just wanted to post really quick.  We are getting ready for the Embassy and then shopping afterwards and tonight is a traditional Ethiopian dinner.
Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers...I hear it is supposed to snow this weekend...lets hope it holds off!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Today is the day...

Today is the day, YOU have made.
I will rejoice and be glad in it!

That is part of a song by Lincoln Brewster....I think that is who, it is to early! 

Had a horrible plane dream last night but then Emily called and woke me up so I laughed for awhile, that was nice!

Just jumping online to pay bills right quick because I forgot to last night!  Oops, my bad!

Less than 24 hours from now and I will meet Matiyos for the first time.  I have 200 pounds of donated diapers, wipes, formula and tons of other stuff.  I am going to try with my letter from the agency to get them to wave the fees for the extra 2 bags.  If not, they will cost 300....hmmm, we will see.

Prayers today!!!  My tummy is in KNOTS!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Testing out the posting from the phone again...
Getting my nails done right now....we will call the pedicure therapy to relax me for the upcoming trip,,yeah that works!
Had to do some shopping for Delaney today. She waited until we were packing last night to tell me that none of her "normal" clothes fit anymore. Her typical out fit is skinny jeans and a tshirt with her fugs all in weird colors. I told her she had to dress like a girl this week. I should have bought her flowery clothes since she waited until the last minute.
Mom and I got almost everything cleaned at home today which was a nice feeling. Still have the rest of the kitchen and dining room which is donation central right now. David will be happy to have it all clean before we leave!

Couple more errands, little more packing and lots of love to give Jace and Sky and then we are off!

Almost time to go

Wow.....This journey is almost coming to a head....5 years ago the day we get back will be the day we decided to adopt while we were in Costa Rica on a mission trip.  I think it is fitting that we are travelling when we do....
David woke me before he left and I was wide stomach is in much I want to do today but for the moment...yep, the quiet....the calm before the storm.  24 hours from now we will be on our way....I am so excited and so blessed and I need to take a moment to recognize everyone who has made this possible....
  • First and foremost...God.  He brought us on this journey, led us to where we are now and has guided us through everything.  I know myself and alot of others are praying this week for a safe trip and some calmed nerves on my part.
  • Our church who provided us with a grant to help with our adoption.  Adoption can be expensive and everything helps.
  • Our families for being supportive even if they were not sure we are making the right decision.
  • My mom for coming out here when she doesn't like flying either.
  • Dorothy, Amy, Megan, Dale and all my friends...wait, that is all my friends at work! LOL  They have been my sounding board and talked me out of freaking out probably more times than they know...
  • My girl scout troup for the surpise cards they gave me the other night and the wonderful donation I can use at the orphanage.
  • Sky's daycare....I will post pictures...eventually of the donations that they have for us
  • My work in general...they brought alot of donations and the company donated $250 worth of donations
  • I have to thank Starbucks and their white mochas and glazed donuts....for the 20 pounds it has added in my A@@ over the last 6 months!
I know I am missing people....people who I may not talk to on a regular basis, but they have donated in some way to our adoption and I am so thankful for everything we have received and so happy to have made it this far....

We are coming Matiyos!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I am really getting excited!!!  Today I have to pick up mom from the airport and work on cleaning up the house some more.  So much to do, so little time.  LOVE WILL!!  My BFF is on a cruise and we won't see/talk for 2 weeks....never happens with us!  He heard about the airplane crash and called from Port Canaveral to make sure I was good.  I love him so much, he always knows when I am freaking out!

Have to run get papers notarized for David who is not travelling and run to Jen's to get the camera before I go get Kim to pick up mom.  Somewhere in there I need to run by work and pick up my fantasy football winnings!
Girl Scouts last night was AWESOME!  The girls surprised me with cards they had all made and a jar of donations to take with.  That was SO thoughtful of everyone and we appreciate it very much.  They also made a Welcome Home sign for Matiyos that David will hang up while we are gone.  I am bringing all of there cards there to take pictures with so Matiyos knows how much everyone is looking forward to meeting him!

Gotta little time, so much to do!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time is running out...

Ok, yesterday we decided that me and Delaney would travel and Dave would stay home.  Yes, it kind of doesn't make sense since flying is not my thing but I am going because of the "motherly" things I want to have happen.  David suggested he stay home and stay with the kids and my madre....hehehehe.  Yea, that will be fun to hear about!
I am trying to get everything done...this morning it didn't help that we all slept until 7:40 and Delaney is supposed to leave at 7:50.  So we ran around getting everyone ready and somehow, I got everyone to school on time.  Ok, I literally pulled up in front of Jace's bus so they wouldn't leave him but oh well!
We have a ton more donations from Sky's school added to the ones from my work and friends and that we have collected!  I may have to send some with another family or else pay for all of it to go.  We will see...I am still working on packing which has been never ending!
Trying to finish up laundry now....can't leave David with dirty underwear!  I have all my permission slips from other parents to take photos done.  Now I just need to get the rest packed! 
Girl Scout meeting tonight and I need to finish the PTO budget tomorrow, after that it is ALL about the trip AND getting mom from the airport!

Monday, January 25, 2010

AHHHHHH....need help!

Ok, so there was a horrible accident with ET airlines.  Now, I ALWAYS feel bad when something like this happens but right now I am totally FREAKING out about it.  I hate to fly...always have and this is the longest flight I will every go on.  Even Dave said this morning maybe we both shouldn't go.

Don't get me wrong, I know God has my time planned and all I can do is use it wisely.  I can hope that he wants me to grow old with grandkids but that doesn't mean that is his plan.  That being said, I am scared to death of leaving Jace and Sky here with no parents.  Not saying anything will happen or that I am afraid my time is up.  I am afraid that my babies will not remember me.  This is not something new, I have always thought is always exacerbated by airplanes though.  ET Airlines has only had 3 accidents in 20 years and from what I read this morning they have excellent safety standards.  Am I trying to talk myself into this trip?  Maybe.  But when David questions wether we should both go, that is cause for concern.

On top of all of this, I have a lot to do to get ready still...packing, money stuff....everything.  I have emailed the travel agency to find out how the credit will work if we don't both go.  Ironically, if we don't both go, I will still go with Delaney.  Makes no sense but it is a motherly thing.  Ofcourse so would staying here be....I don't know what to do....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Going insane....

SO much to do and time is dwindling....  I need to get the kids after school the next 3 days so I was supposed to go in it was not possible because I had nobody to watch Jace so he could get on the bus.  I am guessing I will just work late Thursday.  I hate to say it, because I do like my second job since I get to yell at people, but I am happy that it is almost over.  That job was to get us through the adoption and I think we are good with that now.

I have no idea what I am missing still....I think I am down to the little things which drive me nuts.  I do have a week to finish and in between work, scouts, PTA and conferences at Sky's school.....I am pretty sure there is a good chance that I might possibly get everything almost done! :-)

I just watched a CNN video about Anderson Cooper helping a boy who had been hit with a cinder block.  I cannot imagine what the people of Haiti are going through although it does somewhat remind me of the chaos after Katrina.  It is just so sad...

Well, my mind is racing so I am off to finish getting ready and then Jace and I are going to read a book!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It is 5:45 am.  I have been up since 3....went to the gym, made the lunches and even did some dishes so Delaney doesn't have to.  I am in the family room....Jace is sleeping on the floor and the girls are upstairs in my bed...yep, that includes Sky who generally can't be more than 5 inches from me without having a hissy fit....I have literally been tip-toeing around down here just to enjoy a few minutes of quiet....ahhhhh.  I know I need to get moving but as soon as they wake up, well thats it!  A few more minutes of silence won't hurt...I hope.
We have received more donations and people asking what we blessed can you be?  I am, admittedly, not really really close to alot (maybe 3?) people so when people who know me from PTO/PTA/Scouts or whatever and they still offer to help...that is SO awesome.  My excitement builds everyday....of course that could be anxiety that I am trying to ignore.  I cannot wait until we get there....until then I have list upon list of things that need to be done, letters to schools, instructions to grandma, all the things I would normally do daily to make sure things run smooth.  Now, David may question what I do but I am pretty sure if I wasn't here he would survive but the kids wouldn't have lives! :-)  I guess that is why he lets me handle everything.  As he puts it, and he is right, I have to have a certain amount of control.  Ok, let's be real....I have to be in control as much as possible when it comes to this.  I get all the little details....David is pretty much...were going, we will be back, life goes on.  I don't think he gets the little stuff inbetween or he just likes that I do get it!

Well, quiet time is over....time to wake the more silence today....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tick Tock.....

I feel like time will run out and I will never be ready to go.  Doesn't help that SOMEONE in this house doesn't help out.....

Well I, with Delaney's help, got Jaces/Matiyos' room organized today.  I hope his clothes fit....I had him about the same size as Jace back in April but if he is bigger......well, Jace will have double the wardrobe and Matiyos will need some new clothes!

For now, I believe I can finally post my pictures.  The first is a referral picture and then an updated one we recevied about a month or so ago.  The last 2 are from Christmas which was January 7th, right after I found out we were travelling!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Travel Date!

Today we received 2 special gifts.  First, our travel date...we leave January 29th!  In the process of booking tickets but we will leave out of Dulles and fly through Rome which I think is cool.  Yea, I know, I'm not evening getting off the plane but it is the closest I will have ever been to Italy!  Not looking forward to the long flight...TG for Ativan!
Our second gift was new pictures of Matiyos.  Today is Christmas in Ethiopia and one of the families that are there now sent pictures to me today.  He is so adorable!  I will post them soon, probably right before we leave.

That's all for now....Still have to tell Delaney, she is skiing tonight and has no idea!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Update Day....This time it is worth reading!!!

Today is my most memorable day…..

I had a doctor’s appointment. No biggie, just a problem with the bottom of my foot that has been bugging me for about a month. In the middle of the appointment, he stepped out for a second. I should take this moment to say that he grew up in Ft. Collins and we talk a lot about Colorado and how things have changed so he isn’t a complete stranger! Anyways, I checked my email while he was out and right at the top, first email with the subject: GOOD NEWS FROM ETHIOPIA!!! Yep, we PASSED COURT! I was ecstatic….I ran into the hallway and I saw him and yelled “Hurry up!” He came in and I told him and hugged him….Awkward? Nah…I love my doctor. I was so excited, I made his day, I was crying. Ironically, he had more of a reaction then Dave. I thought it would be nice to stop at his work on my way back to work. His reaction? I don’t remember but we all know Dave has, and yes I told him this along with Delaney, the emotional capability of a tree. We love him but there is never any excitement there…..well, not never!

So, Matiyos Kare Theilman will be home…..soon…..we get our travel dates soon. Either the 29th we leave or sometime in February. I am hoping the 29th!