Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yea, still waiting....

I haven't posted in awhile....probably because there is NOTHING to report.  I did talk to my SW yesterday and they expect to hear something soon but she doesn't know if we will hear anything yet.  Travel will probably be late January or early February.  I don't care when, I just want a date!
So that is all on that topic....just waiting and waiting and waiting.

Funny Jace story.....We have 2 new kittens and one of them, Midnight, is Jace's favorite.  He likes to put him in his new "home" whatever that may be at the the cat carrier, his desk drawer...anywhere he will fit.  I was home with him last week helping him and I heard the cat meow.  I said, "Jace, where is your kitty?" and he said he was "in his new home."  I asked him where, expecting to hear the drawer, bathroom something cute and he innocently said, "The refrigerator".  OMG, sure enough, I ran to the kitchen and opened the door and he was sitting next to the milk.  Hysterically funny!!!

Had Delaney's winter concert last night...I can't believe she will be in High School next year!! 

Sky is, well, she is going through the same stuff Jace did so basically one minute you love her and the next minute you wonder if she was switched with someone else at birth!

This weekend is more Christmas brother and his wife moved out here last weekend which I am really happy about!  It will be nice to have more adults around to talk to...or any!

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