Thursday, November 5, 2009


I don't blog....never have so this shall be interesting especially since you couldn't even get me to write an english paper in high school. Well, I guess I have grown up a bit since then.....

Why do a blog? Well, this amazing journey is soon to come to an exciting....not ending but beginning if you will. How we got here was not easy....a long and sometimes bumpy road. BUT, we are here, we made it and were in it together. (OY, cue the Jon and Kate plus 8 music!)

We have been so busy lately getting ready for our little boy to come home and haven't been able to keep up with anything so maybe if I post on here every so often, friends can decide if they want to follow it and know whats going on!

Our referral was accepted October 20th officially...meaning all the monies that needed to be sent are now there! Now we wait to hear that we have passed court.....and wait....and wait. The problem is, Ethiopias new year is September 11th and due to that and the holidays they close for a month or 2. We know they are open now, we know that they have heard other agencies cases or of other agencies having court dates but thus far, nothing for WHFC since the end of August I think. When they first reopened, they had trainings for 2 weeks and now it is just a matter of hearing people have passed.

2 important days, or so I am told.....Tuesdays are the day the weekly updates come out so we can find out if anyone has passed court. Fridays are the days that, from what I have heard, travel emails will be sent out to let people know the date they need to be in country. The only way I would hear about that is if someone on the yahoo groups got one and posted it.

Well, that pretty much brings you up to speed....not really, but I am tired of typing....

Oh wait, on one of the groups I am on, there is a little girl who was adopted and is raising money for her friend who has cancer. What I read last night is that her spinal fluid is inundated with cancer cells and that a miracle is needed. Let's all pray for them because miracles ARE possible! While your at it....hug your little ones a little tighter tonight and don't sweat the small stuff.

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