Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sad news

We received an email from the adoption agency today.  2 little girls, and infant and toddler, died.  The infant passed away from malnutrition and the 2 year old toddler from bacterial menengitis.  They were both at the same orphanage as Matiyos which is in Ajuja but everyone there has been tested and is not showing any signs of menengitis.  I am not sure if Matiyos is still there or if he has already been moved to Addis Ababa but I am waiting to hear from our case worker to find out.

I am torn between being thankful and being sad.  I can't imagine any child in this world having to starve or to watch their parents pass away and have nobody.  At the same time, the first thing I thought of was Matiyos and if he was ok.  I have not even met him, but he is already a part of our family.

Hug your kids, love your family and do it like it was the last time.....

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