Sunday, November 15, 2009

So ready...But I still need to relax!

Friday did not, to my knowledge bring any new families passing court.  We do know that the first 2 groups that passed will leave November 27th and December 4th.  That is awesome and I am so excited for them!  I absolutely am ready to go.  I have all of Matiyos' things packed and alot of the stuff on the list packed.  Delaney and I received our yellow fever shots yesterday.  She also had to get her HepA shot.  The YF actually hurts when they do it so she had that one first.  After that we pretty much had to grab her and hold her.  I think she was trying to find a way out of it.
As usual I am anxiously waiting news...hopefully soon.  It drives me nuts waiting.  Delaney had a cookie booth today in Westminster so while she is at that I am getting caught up on work stuff, adoption stuff, and stuff for my girl scout troop.  I am doing it at Starbucks...trying to relax a little.  LOVE Dave for keeping the other 2 at home!  He does alot with them lately since I am working the 2 jobs plus helping at school and girl scouts.  I appreciate everything he does and I am sure that there are many nights he is standing over me while I sleep trying to decide if he should strangle me.  :-)

Off to finish getting caught up!  Let's hope for lots of good news this week!

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