Friday, November 20, 2009

More good news!

We received an updated photo of Matiyos yesterday.  I can't post it because nothing is finalized but he looks good.  Got another email from the case manager today saying it is possible that he is at Horizon House which, from everything I have heard, is where the kids go after they have passed court as that is where we will stay when we go.  17 kids passed court the other day which I believe was 14 families give or take.  There is probably a slim chance that we could hear more today. I hope so and I hope I hear something.  It is soooooo close and I am going nuts.

Better news....Delaney is going to the fall dance tonight.  I can't believe she is big enough to wear my shoes.  Yesterday she wore my suede knee high boots that have heels.  She looks so grown up!  I am excited to see her in her dress tonight.  She had drama with her dad last night...I had to intervene.  Although I hate the "I can't stand daddy" mode she's in now, I do know it is a precursor to "I can't stand mommy" phase.  You would think I would stay out of the daddy phase knowing my own is coming up!  Ah well, he doesn't understand girls and their dances!

I went to Sky's Turkey day party yesterday at daycare and she had an extremely wild moment where I was like "did you really come out of me?"  Drove me nuts but we are working with Jace and Sky right now....they kind of react off of each other at home, which I knew, I just didn't know she was carrying it to school so now the strict mean mommy is here so rather than give into her last night I got to listen to her scream for 30 minutes.  Breaks my heart but I'd rather that then her misbehaving at school!

That's about it for now....I did just get another message from another AP that if he really is at Horizon House, he has passed court!  Fingers crossed and lots of prayers!

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