Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Going insane....

SO much to do and time is dwindling....  I need to get the kids after school the next 3 days so I was supposed to go in early....today it was not possible because I had nobody to watch Jace so he could get on the bus.  I am guessing I will just work late Thursday.  I hate to say it, because I do like my second job since I get to yell at people, but I am happy that it is almost over.  That job was to get us through the adoption and I think we are good with that now.

I have no idea what I am missing still....I think I am down to the little things which drive me nuts.  I do have a week to finish and in between work, scouts, PTA and conferences at Sky's school.....I am pretty sure there is a good chance that I might possibly get everything almost done! :-)

I just watched a CNN video about Anderson Cooper helping a boy who had been hit with a cinder block.  I cannot imagine what the people of Haiti are going through although it does somewhat remind me of the chaos after Katrina.  It is just so sad...

Well, my mind is racing so I am off to finish getting ready and then Jace and I are going to read a book!

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