Thursday, January 7, 2010

Travel Date!

Today we received 2 special gifts.  First, our travel date...we leave January 29th!  In the process of booking tickets but we will leave out of Dulles and fly through Rome which I think is cool.  Yea, I know, I'm not evening getting off the plane but it is the closest I will have ever been to Italy!  Not looking forward to the long flight...TG for Ativan!
Our second gift was new pictures of Matiyos.  Today is Christmas in Ethiopia and one of the families that are there now sent pictures to me today.  He is so adorable!  I will post them soon, probably right before we leave.

That's all for now....Still have to tell Delaney, she is skiing tonight and has no idea!

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  1. Yea that is sooo exciting!! I remember the day we got the TRAVEL TO ETHIOPA email too!!! It's the best!! Congrats! Can't wait to see the pics of the little guy!!