Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time is running out...

Ok, yesterday we decided that me and Delaney would travel and Dave would stay home.  Yes, it kind of doesn't make sense since flying is not my thing but I am going because of the "motherly" things I want to have happen.  David suggested he stay home and stay with the kids and my madre....hehehehe.  Yea, that will be fun to hear about!
I am trying to get everything done...this morning it didn't help that we all slept until 7:40 and Delaney is supposed to leave at 7:50.  So we ran around getting everyone ready and somehow, I got everyone to school on time.  Ok, I literally pulled up in front of Jace's bus so they wouldn't leave him but oh well!
We have a ton more donations from Sky's school added to the ones from my work and friends and that we have collected!  I may have to send some with another family or else pay for all of it to go.  We will see...I am still working on packing which has been never ending!
Trying to finish up laundry now....can't leave David with dirty underwear!  I have all my permission slips from other parents to take photos done.  Now I just need to get the rest packed! 
Girl Scout meeting tonight and I need to finish the PTO budget tomorrow, after that it is ALL about the trip AND getting mom from the airport!

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