Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It is 5:45 am.  I have been up since 3....went to the gym, made the lunches and even did some dishes so Delaney doesn't have to.  I am in the family room....Jace is sleeping on the floor and the girls are upstairs in my bed...yep, that includes Sky who generally can't be more than 5 inches from me without having a hissy fit....I have literally been tip-toeing around down here just to enjoy a few minutes of quiet....ahhhhh.  I know I need to get moving but as soon as they wake up, well thats it!  A few more minutes of silence won't hurt...I hope.
We have received more donations and people asking what we need.....how blessed can you be?  I am, admittedly, not really really close to alot (maybe 3?) people so when people who know me from PTO/PTA/Scouts or whatever and they still offer to help...that is SO awesome.  My excitement builds everyday....of course that could be anxiety that I am trying to ignore.  I cannot wait until we get there....until then I have list upon list of things that need to be done, letters to schools, instructions to grandma, all the things I would normally do daily to make sure things run smooth.  Now, David may question what I do but I am pretty sure if I wasn't here he would survive but the kids wouldn't have lives! :-)  I guess that is why he lets me handle everything.  As he puts it, and he is right, I have to have a certain amount of control.  Ok, let's be real....I have to be in control as much as possible when it comes to this.  I get all the little details....David is pretty much...were going, we will be back, life goes on.  I don't think he gets the little stuff inbetween or he just likes that I do get it!

Well, quiet time is over....time to wake the kiddos....no more silence today....

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