Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Update Day....This time it is worth reading!!!

Today is my most memorable day…..

I had a doctor’s appointment. No biggie, just a problem with the bottom of my foot that has been bugging me for about a month. In the middle of the appointment, he stepped out for a second. I should take this moment to say that he grew up in Ft. Collins and we talk a lot about Colorado and how things have changed so he isn’t a complete stranger! Anyways, I checked my email while he was out and right at the top, first email with the subject: GOOD NEWS FROM ETHIOPIA!!! Yep, we PASSED COURT! I was ecstatic….I ran into the hallway and I saw him and yelled “Hurry up!” He came in and I told him and hugged him….Awkward? Nah…I love my doctor. I was so excited, I made his day, I was crying. Ironically, he had more of a reaction then Dave. I thought it would be nice to stop at his work on my way back to work. His reaction? I don’t remember but we all know Dave has, and yes I told him this along with Delaney, the emotional capability of a tree. We love him but there is never any excitement there…..well, not never!

So, Matiyos Kare Theilman will be home…..soon…..we get our travel dates soon. Either the 29th we leave or sometime in February. I am hoping the 29th!


  1. Congratulations!! This has to be the most exciting day for you. I'd be going off the walls! And, side note, my sister and her husband live in Ft. Collins. :)

  2. Congrats Michelle!!!! Bet you're on cloud 9!! Everyday from here on out gets better and better, believe it or not!!!