Thursday, January 28, 2010

Testing out the posting from the phone again...
Getting my nails done right now....we will call the pedicure therapy to relax me for the upcoming trip,,yeah that works!
Had to do some shopping for Delaney today. She waited until we were packing last night to tell me that none of her "normal" clothes fit anymore. Her typical out fit is skinny jeans and a tshirt with her fugs all in weird colors. I told her she had to dress like a girl this week. I should have bought her flowery clothes since she waited until the last minute.
Mom and I got almost everything cleaned at home today which was a nice feeling. Still have the rest of the kitchen and dining room which is donation central right now. David will be happy to have it all clean before we leave!

Couple more errands, little more packing and lots of love to give Jace and Sky and then we are off!

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