Thursday, January 28, 2010

Almost time to go

Wow.....This journey is almost coming to a head....5 years ago the day we get back will be the day we decided to adopt while we were in Costa Rica on a mission trip.  I think it is fitting that we are travelling when we do....
David woke me before he left and I was wide stomach is in much I want to do today but for the moment...yep, the quiet....the calm before the storm.  24 hours from now we will be on our way....I am so excited and so blessed and I need to take a moment to recognize everyone who has made this possible....
  • First and foremost...God.  He brought us on this journey, led us to where we are now and has guided us through everything.  I know myself and alot of others are praying this week for a safe trip and some calmed nerves on my part.
  • Our church who provided us with a grant to help with our adoption.  Adoption can be expensive and everything helps.
  • Our families for being supportive even if they were not sure we are making the right decision.
  • My mom for coming out here when she doesn't like flying either.
  • Dorothy, Amy, Megan, Dale and all my friends...wait, that is all my friends at work! LOL  They have been my sounding board and talked me out of freaking out probably more times than they know...
  • My girl scout troup for the surpise cards they gave me the other night and the wonderful donation I can use at the orphanage.
  • Sky's daycare....I will post pictures...eventually of the donations that they have for us
  • My work in general...they brought alot of donations and the company donated $250 worth of donations
  • I have to thank Starbucks and their white mochas and glazed donuts....for the 20 pounds it has added in my A@@ over the last 6 months!
I know I am missing people....people who I may not talk to on a regular basis, but they have donated in some way to our adoption and I am so thankful for everything we have received and so happy to have made it this far....

We are coming Matiyos!!!!

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